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How it works?

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We offer you different integration options

If you don't have an API yet, then you have to develop the integration from your side, using our API. Please, check our API documentation and request us to create your integration.

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If you already and your own API, we need you to cover some requirements for us to integrate your platform. Please, check the requirements and request us to integrate.

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If you are using a third-party software for your delivery company, that is already integrated with us, then your are already integrated. Please, check the already integrated software solutions and request us to create your.

Already integrated software solutions
Zoom Courier Software

If you don't have the resources to develop your own platform, then you can find an already integrated software solution in the previous block, or we can provide you our own delivery platform for you start in just a few hours. If you want to know more about our software solutions for on-demand delivery companies, please contact us.

If your client requested you to integrate Sinqro but you don't want to have technology for now, we can integrate you in a temporary mode, for you to receive the delivery requests of your clients through Telegram application. Please, evaluate very well if this is your desired mode and request us to create your delivery company account.

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